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Importance Of STEM Education For Kids

Many parents in the U.S. feel like they’ve received a great education and they believe their kids are receiving the same. But many do not know the U.S has been slowly falling behind the rest of the world from the so-called STEM areas — Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. American students ranked only 17th in a 2009 study from the program for International Students Assessment.

Additionally, since 1960 the proportion of bachelor or graduate degrees in the STEM areas has dropped to 8% from 17%, suggesting that the issue is serious in higher education also.

This is a Tragic turn of events since the STEM areas are the basis of innovation and progress and were widespread in our nation during the twentieth century. American inventions transformed our country with strides in manufacturing, transport, communication, electronics, and space exploration. At precisely the exact same time that American computer technology has been changing the world. Robots for kids help in better learning about technology.


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These same Fields are the foundation of careers and jobs of the future. Computers are proliferating as resources in every field of human endeavor. Science and math are now widely utilized in preparation and statistical analysis giving us new responses in medicine, ecology, energy, and trade where none existed before.

World dependence on electronic technologies is growing exponentially, and it is the demand for science and technology specialists. There are initiatives to enhance teaching and learning methods to help increase the quality and decrease the time involved in the uptake of STEM knowledge. This can be part of after school activities.  


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But Initiatives are not enough by themselves. Parents also play a vital role.

As a parent, You may help your child get ready for the professions and jobs of the future, all of which will require knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering or math. Children nowadays are so inundated with technologies that they take it for granted.

You can help them gain an appreciation for science and engineering. Encourage them to consider how computer games are made, how motion pictures are composed, created and planned, how various products are created.