Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring An SEO Company?

Search Engine optimisation is a constantly evolving practice, as search engines continue to update their algorithms to provide a better user experience. Where SEO could once be effectively done with keyword density equation and cheaply bought backlinks, modern SEO only works as a part of a holistic and integrated digital marketing strategy.

Companies that once kept their SEO in-house are finding it more complicated to create measurable SEO success. Creating effective backlinks now requires engaging contents, influencer marketing, and at least a little bit of PR savvy. Accordingly, a modern keyword strategy needs users intent research, content marketing experience and a working knowledge of Google Rankings Priorities. It might require more than one or two SEO experts in a marketing team, which is why some brands such as Peak Design provide professional SEO services to help those companies to grow in the online platform.


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In this article, we will discuss what are the questions you need to ask before hiring an SEO Company in great detail.

  • What is your philosophy of approaching SEO to deliver results?

There are three major aspects of SEO and the most effective SEO companies consider all three components of a comprehensive SEO strategy.

  • Technical SEO

It considers code, site structure, site speed and other metrics that could impact your search traffic. During a technical SEO review, an SEO professional will make sure that search engines can crawl your site and its content, will review 404 errors and will analyse redirects among other tasks.


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  • User Experience

It is the optimisation of the content of your digital properties. During an on-page SEO review, and professional SEO services in Sacramento will analyse user interface aspects of your site including content, navigation and keyword optimisation.

  • Off Page SEO

It means your SEO presence by earning links, strengthening the brand online and improving the popularity of the site and content. To execute off-page SEO campaigns, an SEO agency will look for opportunities to increase your domain and page authority through incoming links to your site from other high-quality properties.


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  • What metric define “success” for you?

SEO companies may come to the meeting with a certain goal in mind, their success metric should stem from what success for you. No SEO company can guarantee page-one rankings and these types of promises are likely using black-hat techniques. These techniques may get you traffic for a short time, but they will ultimately land you a penalty along with significantly reduced traffic and rankings.

By asking these questions and evaluating the answers to determine the practises and policies an SEO company employs, you will be able to weed out black-hat SEO  and find an agency that delivers long term success. Check out here to learn the main benefits of hiring the SEO consultant for your business in great detail.