Why Should You Hire Stretch Tents For An Outdoor Event?

Stretch tents are becoming an increasingly popular choice for providing shade and cover for numerous types of outdoor events. It is made from a specially developed stretched fabric i.e. known for its flexibility and versatile features not only protect the audience from weather elements but also provide elegant look and feel.

When you work with army prop rental service; you can easily put together the party you desired for without breaking the budget. Plus when you rent all of your party equipment, you can make every party unique and special instead of having the same party set for every party.

Stretch Tents

In this article, we will discuss why should you rent stretch tents in great detail.

  • Quality Material

Stretch tents are made from durable polymeric fabric which makes it completely waterproof, fire resistant and anti-microbial wherein the Teflon is further treated with UV stabilizers. Moreover, the double-taped seams add durability to the tent, making it stable and semi-permanent.


  • Flexible

Since these tents have a free-form and can be stretched and attached to poles in any required area, it is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of any scale of the events This feature sets them apart from the traditional tents which can’t be customized according to one’s vision and requirements. They can thus set up along buildings, free stand on the beach, on the patio and so on.

  • Quick Setup

As opposed to the traditional tents that require a long set-up time, these surplus tents take just about 6 hours to be installed in the large scale events. This makes them a viable option for you to get a buffer time to prepare for other duties of the events.

Quick Setup

  • Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to its functional aspects, stretch tents also provide a unique aesthetic look and feel. You can further add themed elements to the tents according to the event ranging from the lantern, branding signs and so on. The fabric is perfect for projecting logos, video mapping, lightening and so on.

These features make rental army stretch tents a viable option for any kind of outdoor events and occasions. You should hire a tent from a reputable company to ensure premium quality products and services. You may search online and read reviews about the available services around your area. Now the latest innovative offerings in temporary structures include multilevel formats, hard structures, luxury fabrications and much more. Why not discover more to know the latest innovative tents for your next outdoor party.